We’re excited to be playing host to some of the world’s top names in industry innovation, investment, policy and R&D. We’ll also be highlighting how differences in diversity can drive growth, opportunity and investment for your business or country.

Speakers to be announced shortly



“The UK is delighted to be hosting the Eureka Chairmanship for the third time – and for the first time since launching our Industrial Strategy. We look forward to welcoming businesses from near and far to participate, collaborate and forge business relationships that will far outlast the three days of this event.”

As the UK, through our Industrial Strategy, embarks on its ambition to address some of the world’s Grand Challenges through research, innovation and technology, the EUREKA Network mission of collaborating beyond national borders and operating globally, is more relevant than ever.

The first 4 Grand Challenges addressed through the UK Industrial Strategy are focused on some of the global trends which will transform our future, and are addressed throughout the 3 days of this event:

Artificial intelligence and data

Ageing Society

Clean Growth

Future of mobility

We are developing ambitious missions to tackle the Grand Challenges. Each of these will focus on a specific problem, bringing government, businesses and organisations across the country together to make a real difference to people’s lives. As we do this, we are working with leading experts such as some of those you’ll hear from over the course of the EUREKA Global Innovation Summit.